VestorPRO Careers

How VestorPRO Works

Glenn and Amber Schworm began their real estate investing career in 2007. Through coaching and mentoring, they have taught thousands of people their simple home flipping formula at their Home Flipping Workshop. Since COVID-19 hit in 2020, they decided to take their Home Flipping Workshop events to the virtual live training model. By going to virtual events, this has given our team members the ability to work from home and not be away from their families.

We only want the best on our team! VestorPRO takes great pride in it’s culture, and it is very important when we hire new team members to treat each other with respect, which is why we take the time to hand select only “A” Team Members. VestorPRO has a real family vibe and when you become a part of the VestorPRO team, you also become a family member to Glenn & Amber and their huge dream that lies ahead.

If you’re ready to be a part of that dream and change peoples lives, we’d love for you to take the next step!