real stories from real students!

The success of our students is the single most rewarding part of what we do. Read on for stories of real students who know this firsthand, and get inspired to create your own student success story!

These stories will show you what these high achieving students do to ensure their success — activities that you too can do to grow your real estate investing business.

If you’re wondering who to coach you in real estate investing, please enjoy perusing these reviews to see if they resonate with what you are looking for. You’ll quickly see from the reviews our students write, that we are a hard-working, caring company that offers tremendous value in the real estate investing field.

Our business ethics come from our family to yours, and we hope to have the opportunity to show you the positive experience you can expect from us.

“I have always wanted to invest in real estate, but I was so nervous to start.

After going to this workshop I am able to accelerate my business.

I love how sincere and honest they are about everything.

I really enjoyed the information. It all makes sense, without being overwhelming. This is the program I’ve been waiting for! It’s given me the confidence to take the leap to reach my real estate goals.”

Debbie D.

Lori S.

We currently own a family business. In the past few years, we’ve let life get in the way, but our dream is to have a real estate investment company, so we can create a future for ourselves and our families.

After going to the workshop, we now feel confident that we will reach our real estate goals.

Glenn and Amber are very real, and very passionate about the information. We loved that the information wasn’t sugar coated. They told us the real deal.

This training was so worth it. We are now on our way to flip our first house, and our next goal is to start holding properties for our retirement.”

“We’ve flipped 5 houses and wholesaled several others since this program, and we’ve earned a total of $216,000 profit to date.

When we really started pursuing real estate, we were overwhelmed, but after meeting Glenn and Amber, we have been able to overcome all the obstacles and now have a successful real estate business.

They are quick to share their own struggles and how they overcame them, which was so refreshing.

We love them and if it weren’t for their program, we would not be where we are, and have the drive, determination, and heart that we do. If you want to be successful in this business, and really make it work, I would not hesitate to go to the workshop and see what it can do for you.”

Aaron & Amanda F.

Jeff M.

“I’ve been in the mortgage business for 20+ years and I’ve been a part of thousands of real estate transactions. I bought two houses on my own before this program, and since the Workshop, I now have 9 rentals, and have flipped 4 properties.

My last profit on a flip was $31,000, and the combined total is $212,000 profit.

It’s been a tremendous year for me, and I owe a lot of that success to Glenn and Amber!

I highly recommend going to this workshop. It has definitely changed the course of my life.”

We value our students experiences at the VestorPro, and would love to share your thoughts with others.

At VestorPRO, we love teaching!

We love sharing everything from the nuggets to the gems that help people be successful real estate investors.

When we are teaching and someones light bulb goes off, and when we see people having those a-ha moments during our bootcamps and seminars, it makes it all worthwhile.

We are all about transparency, and teaching with real life examples. We also believe in keeping it as simple as possible.

There is literally a plethora of information out there, and its easy to become overwhelmed.

It really doesn’t have to be that complicated!

VestorPRO will arm you with simple to follow systems that you need to know to move forward with your investing endeavors.

Are you are ready to change your future with real estate investing?

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