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Where people who want to invest in real estate come to learn the systems and mindset of successful real estate investors.

Our coaching, materials, and tools come from years of personally and actively investing in real estate. We are excited to share our passion for real estate investing with you, and we are confident that we provide the education needed to successfully invest in real estate.

Learn how to secure your financial future. VestorPRO will teach you how to FIND, FUND, FIX, FLIP & HOLD Properties in your area!


How to Find Deals

Locate off-market deals to find the best profits with the least competition, no matter where you live or what location you’re looking to invest in!

How to Fund Deals

Fund your deals, even without your own money or credit, so you can grow your portfolio quickly and with minimal risk!

How To Flip Your Properties For Big Profits

Sell renovated houses for maximum profits, no matter what the market is like.

How To Evaluate Properties Before You Buy

Discover the tools we use to make sure we’re getting a good deal on a property, knowing exactly how much we’ll make after the work is done and it’s time to sell it!

How To Fix and Rehab Your Properties

Systematically evaluate and fix the houses for maximum profit without going in over your head in labor, materials or delays!

When To Hold Properties To Create Long-Term Income

Build a strong long-term rental portfolio for consistent monthly cash flow building your equity and wealth over time!

Tuition Financing – Available For Those Who Qualify

Take An Introductory Real Estate
Investing Training…FREE

We believe everyone deserves the chance to create generational wealth. Real estate could be your path to total financial and time freedom so you can live the life we want.

This is your chance to discover the best ways to get involved with real estate investing and hear answers to the two most important questions before you get started.

Investing in Real Estate can be YOUR path to creating your Best Life… start here!

We’re Amber and Glenn Schworm

We’re passionate about helping everyday people create wealth through real estate investing.

We’ve been buying and selling properties successfully for more than a decade. We’ve flipped 1000 homes and counting, generate monthly cash flow with rental properties without having to be landlords, and have produced $100+ million in total revenue throughout our careers.

Through coaching and mentoring, we’ve taught thousands of people in our Home Flipping Workshops and continue to see our students succeed and truly transform their lives.

We’re committed to teaching as many people as possible what we’ve learned from our years of experience so you can create immediate cash flow, grow your assets, and build long-term passive income.

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