Kathy Hoppes

Director of Operations & Events

A Secret About Myself

I am terrified of heights & public speaking.

My nickname as a child (and still by one of my aunts) was Pickle.
How did I get that nickname?
My grandmother (Nana Helen) used to make the most amazing bread & butter pickles. And whenever we had a family gathering, which was pretty frequently as a child, that dish of pickles always made it to my plate and stopped. If you didn’t get any before it made it to me, you were out of luck!

I love to listen & sing along to the radio.
What type of music do I love, pretty much every kind. Doo-Woop makes me nostalgic for my parents
The 60’s chills me out. The 80’s makes me dance. The 90’s makes me belt it out in the car, like no one is watching.

I grew up in upstate NY, just on the other side of town from the VestorPRO offices. My father taught me the value of hard work, and my mother taught me the value of a kind heart. Along with my 3 sisters, we had an amazing childhood. After high school, I attended college and majored in Culinary Arts & Hotel Management. This education gave me the opportunity to participate in several internships that provided me some great life experiences, from working the Kentucky Derby & Preakness, to living on a working farm and learning how to run a luxury Inn & make cheddar cheese all in the same week. I traveled from city to city, managing concessions for special events, like a Stevie Wonder concert, the 1996 Olympics and many more. These experiences formed my future life of service & hospitality.

After graduation from college, I joined a prestigious hotel company and worked as part of the executive team, at various hotels throughout the northeast. In 2001, I moved to New Jersey to start my life with my now husband of 16 years. After our first son was born, we decided it was time to go home, so we moved back to the Schenectady area, to be closer to my family. Once back in my hometown, I took a job with a world-famous video game developer, and for 10 years I worked in a dream world of creativity, technology & the most unique business culture I had ever experienced. After 10 years and two more children, it was time to venture out and take all of this diverse knowledge that I gained to my next destination. This is when I found VestorPRO.

How I Play

My favorite role in this world is as wife & mother! My home is full of boys! From my 3 young boys – Ethan, Liam & Owen, to my husband - Gus, to our dog - Chip, I am surrounded by testosterone, technology brains & sports. This keeps me on my toes, always on the run and very active. But being the only female in the house does has it advantages!!!

When we are not running to a sporting event, our family loves to spend time near the water, in nature, or traveling. We love long hikes & have recently taken up cycling, to keep us exploring together & connected with one another. No matter if it’s at my family’s summer camp or on a sandy beach next to the ocean, we always seem to follow the water for our relaxation time. I believe the ocean is in my family’s DNA. And when the sun goes down, campfires, S’mores & star gazing are our favorite pastimes. Anything that keeps us close and together, is really my favorite activity.

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