Glenn Schworm


A Secret About Myself

My iPhone is loaded with 80’s music, and I’m a closet Prince fan, and if that’s not bad enough … I can also break dance … but these days I might break a hip!

Glenn has over 25 years of experience starting, building, and growing successful businesses. When he and his wife Amber decided to tackle the Real Estate Flipping world, they did it with no grand vision. Their first goal was simply to get out of debt and this was the only way they saw to earn large chunks of cash. That 1 flip turned to 3 flips the next year, then 7, and then 20 and now after hundreds of successful flips since 2008. He and his partner and wife Amber, have built an amazing team and company called Signature Home Buyers. They purchase close to 100 houses every year. They Wholesale, they Flip and they have built a multi-million dollar portfolio of rental income in just a few short years. Glenn's true passion is helping others succeed. His comical yet inspiring way of teaching makes it easy for anyone to relate. He will challenge you to think differently, think out of the box, and the seeds he plants can take your life in a new direction that you never dreamed possible. If you have the chance to see him live, don’t miss it.

How I Play

I love my family and hope they know how awesome I strive to be for them. Well ... maybe someday I’ll be appreciated! Raising our 4 kids is my other full time job. We love to travel as a family, we love the ocean, being near it, on it, and under it. I love watching my kids in their sports, secretly wishing I was young again! Basically at this point in my life it is all about the kids and it is incredible. I am a blessed man.

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