Amber Schworm

Vice President

A Secret About Myself

I am a Texas girl livin’ in a NY world. I am a huge Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder fan. I went skydiving in Aruba. I hate pasta, and the smell of Ketchup makes me gag.

Amber is a mother of four, and Co-Founder and Co-Captain of multiple businesses. Her husband, Glenn, is the business head and fearless leader, but she likes to think that she is the neck that turns the head :). She wears many hats in life and in business, but outside of her main role as a mom, creativity is her main game, and she gets a lot of satisfaction in taking something old and/or ugly and turning it into something new and beautiful. She loves rising to the challenges of designing and renovating all different styles of homes. It is also extremely rewarding to see a new family be able to call these houses "home" and start to build their own memories. After years of successfully flipping houses, her passion is now sharing this rewarding career with others, and is especially excited to share it with other women and moms since it is a business that can be done around the busy schedule that so many women have today.

How I Play

I love my role as a mom, and the freedom that this company gives me to be fulfilled in my work and home life. We have two older kids in school, along with a toddler and a baby, that all keep us hopping, from school sports to changing diapers! I love the outdoors, and soak up as much sunshine as I possibly can in the spring and summer. The ocean speaks to my soul, and I visit her as often as possible. Scuba Diving is my favorite hobby. Every dive is like a treasure hunt, because you never know what you are going to see … is it going to be a seahorse, or a shark kind of dive? It’s an other worldly experience, and experiences are what it’s all about for me. One thing I love even more, is exposing my children to new things, and seeing the experience through their eyes. I have a love affair with travel. Exploring other countries, people, food … there is so much to learn from other cultures, and sometimes it helps us to appreciate what we have even more.

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