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"It's unbelievable how many thousands of people my good friends Glenn and Amber have helped over the years. They don't just have an amazingly successful real estate business, they're also phenomenal educators!"

- Ken Corsini

Meet Glenn and Amber Schworm

Real Estate Investing
with Glenn & Amber Schworm

We’re passionate about helping everyday people create wealth through real estate investing.

We’ve been buying and selling properties successfully for more than a decade. We’ve flipped 600+ homes and counting, generate monthly cash flow with rental properties without having to be landlords, and have produced $57 million and counting in total revenue throughout our careers.

Through coaching and mentoring, we’ve taught thousands of people and continue to see our students succeed and truly transform their lives.

We’re committed to teaching as many people as possible what we’ve learned from our years of experience so you can create immediate cash flow, grow your assets, and build long-term passive income.

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Where people who want to invest in real estate come to learn the systems and mindset of successful real estate investors.

Our coaching, materials, and tools come from years of personally and actively investing in real estate. We are excited to share our passion for real estate investing with you, and we are confident that we provide the education needed to successfully invest in real estate.

Learn how to secure your financial future. VestorPRO will teach you how to FIND, FUND, FIX, FLIP & HOLD Properties in your area!

A Blueprint To Finding
Real Estate Investing Success

VestorPRO provides the systems, tools, and coaching to get new investors started, and help existing real estate investor businesses grow.

However, there are many systems, how-to books, information, and tools that are readily available on how to invest. Why don’t they work for most people? Why hire a coaching company? We are often told that what holds most people back is fear, lack or money, and lack of knowledge.

One of the things that sets VestorPRO apart, is that we also coach on the kind of mindset a successful real estate investor has. The mindset is a large part of what takes a want-to-be investor to a successful real estate investor!

In addition to the systems, tools, and coaching, we will help you work through the fear, and arm you with the education, tools, and resources you need in order to feel confident in taking the steps to becoming a real estate investor.

Seldom does a flip go off without a hitch. How will you handle the problems that will arise? Would it be helpful to have a coach that can hold your hand through those hiccups? We’ll teach you the good, the bad, and the ugly, and how to flip houses, without flipping out!

VestorPRO offers a comprehensive real estate investing education.

Our Signature Coaching Program arms our students with what they need, combined with one-on-one coaching to catapult a successful real estate investing business.

Investing in Real Estate is a FORMULA

Locate off-market deals to find the best profits with the least competition, no matter where you live or what location you’re looking to invest in!

Fund your deals, even without your own money or credit, so you can grow your portfolio quickly and with minimal risk!

Sell renovated houses for maximum profits, no matter what the market is like.

Discover the tools we use to make sure we’re getting a good deal on a property, knowing exactly how much we’ll make after the work is done and it’s time to sell it!

Systematically evaluate and fix the houses for maximum profit without going in over your head in labor, materials or delays!

Build a strong long-term rental portfolio for consistent monthly cash flow building your equity and wealth over time!

Get A Customized Plan and Access To Proven Real Estate Strategies

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