Women in Real Estate: Breaking Barriers and Succeeding as Investors

Flipping Houses | Posted On: 05.20.24

Real estate investment has long been seen as a male-dominated field, but women are breaking through this glass ceiling with exceptional leadership, strategic negotiation skills, and a unique ability to communicate and connect. The latest episode of the Fearless Future podcast offers a profound exploration of why women excel in real estate investing and how they master the challenges of a traditionally male-oriented industry.

Key Takeaways

Women’s Natural Aptitude for Real Estate Investment

The narrative that real estate investing is predominantly a pursuit for men is being steadily debunked by capable and skilled women in the field. Amber Schworm, cohost of the Fearless Future podcast, is a prime example of women’s prowess in real estate. As Amber points out, “Women rock as real estate investors. I just don’t think that every woman knows it yet.” She speaks about the unconscious biases that limit women’s participation and emphasizes the inherent strengths that women bring to the table.

Women’s ability to communicate effectively, understand the nuances of negotiation, and build strong relationships are assets rarely matched in male counterparts. Amber’s interaction with the employees at Home Depot — where she was known for her substantial business — showcases how these abilities foster loyalty and support which is paramount for successful project management.

The podcast exemplifies how women can sway traditionally male-dominated industries by leveraging skills that are often undervalued or overlooked, like the soft power of nurturing business relationships. Amber’s approach to contractor management, using a unique mix of strictness and personal touch, is rooted in her experience managing a household, proving that life skills can be powerfully transferrable to managing real estate projects.

Overcoming Industry Gender Barriers

The podcast delves deep into the obstacles women face in a real estate sphere once considered a “boys’ club.” The industry’s historical bias towards men is evident, but as Amber and Glenn highlight, women are making headway by playing to their strengths and countering self-limiting beliefs.

Amber describes instances where she was underestimated by contractors but how her resilience and assertive stance allowed her to fight back, stating, “I was not born yesterday. I don’t have stupid stamped across my forehead.”

This poignantly illustrates how women in real estate not only cope with but also challenge the assumptions and stereotypes projected onto them. It’s not just about gaining ground in numbers, but about reshaping the dynamics of the industry to be more inclusive and equitable.

Moreover, a crucial takeaway is the importance of male allies in supporting women’s foray into real estate. Glenn’s conscious effort to direct contractors’ questions to Amber demonstrates the significance of genuine advocacy. A supportive network, whether it’s a spouse, colleague, or professional group, can be transformative for women, empowering them to excel in their roles.

The Future Landscape of Female Real Estate Leadership

The podcast suggests that the landscape of real estate investment is changing, with more women stepping into roles of leadership and innovation. The industry is on the brink of a revolution, with a potential future where women outnumber men as real estate investors.

By sharing insightful anecdotes and emphasizing the importance of breaking gender norms, Amber demonstrates that women have what it takes to succeed and lead in real estate. Women investors like Amber are not simply participating, they are excelling and setting new benchmarks for success.

The transition is not just about numbers, but about the qualitative changes women bring to real estate practices — a more comprehensive, empathetic, and collaborative approach that has the potential to redefine industry standards and outcomes.

The Fearless Future podcast conversation concludes by making a persuasive case for women in real estate investment, encouraging them to seize opportunities and those around them to support their ambitions. As evidenced by Amber’s and many other women’s success stories, realizing the potential of women in real estate can lead to incredible innovation and growth for the industry as a whole.

In essence, the episode mirrors a broader societal shift towards recognizing and appreciating the diverse capabilities that women bring to every sphere they enter, not as an afterthought but as an indispensable force of change

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